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    Worker Bee

    Some bugs obvious, and require only scant description (“I start the game and boom!, my goldfish dies!”). Often, though, a bug is only obvious when placed in the context of what happened before. In these cases, when you report a bug you can help us immensely if your report included the following:

    Why this is a bug (and not a “feature”)

    • Tell us what you were doing, what you expected would happen, what actually happened, and why you think that is wrong. Also, did you observe anything remarkable in the time leading up to issue?
    • If you can reproduce the bug, please describe how

    What is involved

    If at all possible, please give us some details on your system – Mac or PC, what OS version.

    And please tell us which SpellShokked version you are using. How can you know that? Start SpellShokked, and as soon you hear the guitar riff in the welcome scene, bring up the game menu. Look at the lower right corner. That number you see there is the version you are using. Note: you must be in the welcome scene to see the version.

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