Here we talk about the main features that are coming, and keep a tally of where we are. If you want to discuss any of this, pop over to the discussions, and make your voice heard!

So, what's coming? Right now, Duels are a ton of fun, but your arsenal of destruction is limited; the way the spells interact is simplistic. We want to change that so that it matters more which spells you cast, where you cast them, and when. We want to dial up the single-player with more, and more varied arenas. And of course, although we agree that killing your friends is fun, we also want co-op, team, and other types. Here's some of what we are thinking about:

Spells, Spells, Spells:
  • buffs & debuffs: e.g. heal, resistance (to fire, …), silence, confuse…
  • Area of Effect ("crowd pleasers") like the existing meteor strike: Earthquake, Arcane Explosion, ...
  • Damage over time like poison cloud, blizzard, Firestorm, …
  • Direct Attack/Channeling: Lightning, guided missile,
  • Conjuring – those skeletons surely don't raise themselves! – and dispel to get rid of them
  • Improved spell dynamics: resistances & states e.g. a "wet" state that can increase electrical damage but reduces fire damage, being hit by a fireball can set you on fire.

Levels and Gameplay
  • More single-player levels so you can practice destroying your surroundings
  • "Non-adversarial multiplayer" (Coop) game types (e.g. who can create the most devastation in the shortest time, who survives longest, who's quickest to achieve a goal)
  • Team multiplayer
  • More multiplayer levels (coop and keell-ya!)
  • Can you still rule with different rules? Duel levels with changed rules: No-holds-barred (all spells are allowed), limited spell selection (each player must choose from a number of available spells *before* the match starts) vs regulated (all players have access to the same limited arsenal)

  • Ranked multiplayer in multiple categories
  • Ranked Teams in multiple categories

Other Stuff
  • Customizable Avatars (male, female, "other") for that individual touch
  • A Spectator mode that allow you to watch your friends getting fried – and your friends will see you watching them get beat.
  • Items like staffs, jewelry and clothing that have balanced modifiers for casting (e.g. faster casting but less damage), and cannot be purchased for money but are earned via in-game achievements (this means NO Pay-To-Win; you need to kill your share of friends to get that staff of increased rakishness, but it's available to all, and everyone has to kill the same number of friends to get it)
  • Vanity items that make you look better (shades, sparkling smile, sain't halo or devil's glow, perhaps even spoilers or chromed fingers if that's what it takes), but do not influence the core game (i.e. will not affect a duel in any way); pets that you can feed and accessorize and that follow you around, etc. - these items can be purchased with real money to fund further development
  • More Achievements. Because REASONS! Is there any better way to measure and compare the length of your… wand?

Current Release: Alpha 2 (July 15th, 2018)

Here's what's in the current release:
  • Assemble spells from magical symbols, and use them to melt faces.
  • Listen to a soothing metal sound track
  • Work your way through (currently six - one NEW) Tutorial Levels while suffering under the world's most annoying mentor
  • Access your magical arsenal spells (a lot more to come):
    • Attack:
      • Magic Missile
      • Fireball
      • Meteor Strike
      • Ice Shard
      • NEW: Guided Missile
      • NEW: Lightning
    • Defense:
      • Hand-held Shield
      • Blink (Teleport)
      • NEW: Channeled Shield
  • Hone your casting skills in shokkingly difficult offline Duel Levels (currently four - One NEW) or at the Library, and prove yourself on the grueling shokking range
  • Shokk people on-line – Casual (un-ranked) duels (four different arenas); killing your friends is magical once again! (ranked combat will follow later). Until enough people have graduated to Duels, it may be difficult to find someone to face off with.
  • Marvel at a stunningly beautiful VR environment in which you can finally get slaughtered in style
  • Play with a pet dragon that is just too darn cute – and that may want to eat you

Coming Release

Here's what we are working on, and what's (probably) coming with the next update:

What we are working on:
  • Co-op game mode: the frst co-op level is a 'Hodor' style map: defend the castle' gates at all cost.
  • Ranked Duels: we are working on the server infrastructure and scripts to automatically sign up and identify without the need of a special account
  • Spell-casting: we are looking into channeling a spell - this means that you control the spell for a while after you release it. At least wo spells are slated for this kind of combat spells: Lightning, and Guided Missile. Looks like Kenny will be in high demand for the next few weeks. We are currently working on these channeled spells:
    • Lightning
    • Guided Missile
    • Shieldwall
    These spells are now being integrated into the networked levels (interaction with AI is proving to be more difficult than anticipated)
  • The spellbook that was cut from the original release. It's purely cosmetic, but so much fun that we are looking into ways to get it back in.
  • More music. We saw Torsten grabbing his axe a few days ago, and he may have shredded some more relaxing tunes.
  • Small things
    • Ability to shoot down a fireball (DONE, needs to be carried over to network play)
    • New achievements
    • Additional audio (Monster voices, especially the skeletons)
  • New Levels:
    • The Breach - possibly a co-op network level, definitely fun and difficult
    • The Bridge - We are just putting down the environment for this. Looks like lava.
  • New Avatars
  • Visual Quality: better anti-aliasing, better color
  • Improved, hierarchical Menus - that wrap around stuff is getting old fast
  • better integration of your player name into duels

Complete and confirmed for the next release:
  • significantly improved glyph-drawing visuals
  • the Breach Co-Op network level
  • guided missile networked
  • lightning strike networked
  • shield wall networked
  • that "Darkness" level will scare the bejeezus out of you