Alpha 13 (Oct 2019)

We are progressing the network update, and it is as bad as we thought. Changing network infrastructure is ugly in the best of cases, and this […]

Alpha 12

We did it! We moved the entire game to the new infrastructure, and made it run. There are some inconsistencies, some rooms have different lighting, and […]

“But think of all the fun we’ll have…”

We develop SpellShokked! using an industry-standard development system (“IDE”) that pulls together artwork (models, textures, materials, animations), audio (music, effects, voice), design (color palettes, fonts, narrative), […]

This one goes to 11!

Another month, another alpha. With apologies to “Spinal Tap”, this one goes to 11! This release is entirely about bug-fixing. as it turns out, supporting multible […]

Alpha 10

Ok, so we were a bit optimistic about how long we’d take to bring multiple avatars to networking. And yes, there’s still the aberrant optical glitch […]

… and slowly, but surely …

And so, more than two months ago, we boasted that we’d quickly bring multiple avatars to the network. Boy have we been wrong. Well, eight weeks […]

Alpha 9 (March 2019) released

This is a big update (and not just by download size). Alpha 9 brings a host of improvements: Player-selectable avatars: Until today, you always played as […]

New Avatars – some reflections (and poor puns)

With the March Alpha, we plan to reach another big milestone: multiple avatars. This means that you will be able to choose your in-game looks. So […]

Alpha 8 (February 2019) released

As you probably have noticed, there was no January update – the reason for that being that we took a long-overdue break after spending the last […]