Welcome, Apprentice!

Do you have what it takes to be a wizard? In SpellShokked, you assemble magical symbols into devastating spells that you then hurl at your opponents – other wizards, monsters, or your friends.

Fair Warning, Apprentice: this is NOT a twitch game. Combat in SpellShokked is agonizingly slow. Being successful requires nerves of steel more than anything else. Yes, that onrushing fireball sure is disconcerting. Keep calm, finish your spell. Don't hasten casting, or you will die. SpellShokked! is all about keeping your nerve, rather than having quick reflexes. Want to win? Take note of the spell your opponent is assembling. Think twice about which spell to start yourself. When done casting, aim carefully. Never, ever, blink with a spell half-cast. Always look over your shoulder, always check the ground you stand on. Being paranoid is a definite plus here. Use your shield to reflect spells.

Tl;dr: In SpellShokked! duels are furious, slow and deliberate in a way that will make your skin crawl and nerves fray. In short: the perfect way to relax.

Because this is in "Early Access", you know that we are just getting started. Although SpellShokked is fun and addictive, there is a lot we want to do. First, though, here's what you get today: a fun VR game with mind-bending features:
  • Assemble spells from magical symbols, and use them to melt faces.
  • Listen to a soothing metal sound track
  • Work your way through (currently five) Tutorial Levels while suffering under the world's most annoying mentor
  • Build your arsenal of magical spells (a lot more to come):
    • Attack: Magic Missile, Fireball, Meteor Strike, Ice Shard
    • Defense: Hand-held Shield, Blink (Teleport)
  • Hone your casting skills in shokkingly difficult offline Duel Levels (currently three), and prove yourself on the grueling shokking range
  • Shokk people on-line – Casual (un-ranked) duels (four different arenas); killing your friends is magical once again! (ranked combat will follow later). Until enough people have graduated to Duels, it may be difficult to find someone to face off with.
  • Marvel at a stunningly beautiful VR environment in which you can finally get slaughtered in style
  • Play with a pet dragon that is just too darn cute – and that may want to eat you
So, what do you say, Apprentice - do you think you have the nerve?

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