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    Worker Bee

    Our forum is for everyone, and everyone is asked to adhere to the following rules:

    The obvious fundamentals:
    The following are instant-ban offences: Therefore DO NOT

    • post spam
    • post porn, inappropriate or offensive content, warez or leaked content, or similar, nor any links to such content
    • post personal, sensitive, or confidential information
    • post trademarked or copyrighted content that you do not own. NOTE: Posting your own copyrighted material irrevocably grants us the right for re-use in any way we see fit.

    The civilized fundamentals:
    When posting, please respect your audience. We have zero tolerance for, and will immediately ban anyone who

    • resorts to racist, sexist, or abusive language
    • solicits or sells illicit activity
    • tries to discuss piracy in any form, of any form
    • embarks on begging, auctioning, raffling, selling, advertising, referrals

    We also frown upon, and may delete without warning or comment posts that contain

    • links off-site
    • religious, political, and other subjects of similar, highly combustible nature (yes, that includes “Mac vs PC”)
    • threats of violence or harassment, even when intended as a joke or sarcasm
    • something that is too boring to read
    • discussion of moderator, or appealing a moderation action (our moderators aren’t perfect. Use email if you believe a moderation was made against you in error)
    • primarily any language other than English

    So, please,

    • be civil
    • if there are multiple ways to interpret a post, always interpret it in the nicest of ways
    • acknowledge that we all screw up some time, and try to laugh about it. This is a game site.

    If you don’t follow these rules, your user’s privileges may be revoked, and you may be banned from further participation.

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