Alpha 16 – January 16, 2020

A belated “Happy new year!” On January 2nd, 2020 we had a breakthrough: After almost a solid month of engineering and completely losing playability, we got […]

Alpha 5 (October 2018) released!

Today (a full day ahead of schedule, and on a Sunday, no less!) we released the next alpha version. This version contains a new spell that […]

Next Update Coming October 15th

We are readying the October release for SpellShokked. The main feature is a new spell: Invisibility. While most AI enemies aren’t really impressed by something as […]

Invisibility Spell

Ok, here’s a first glimpse at the invisibility spell. The image shows ten invisible skeletons approaching the player; they are spread out roughly in a semicircle, […]

Alpha 4 (September 2018) live!

The new (September) release of SpellShokked is now live on Steam – update now. This release contains lots of small improvements (bug fixes, additional ambient audio, […]

New spell: Invisibility

We are experimenting with a new new spell: invisibility. It introduces some interesting game dynamics in multiplayer, but we are not entirely sold on the subject. […]

“The Bridge” – New network level

Called “though shall nor pass” in the game, this level is a new type of network level: you face off your opponent across a long bridge. […]

Alpha 3 (August 2018) released!

The new release for SpellShokked is live on Steam – update now. The new release delivers tons of tweaks to the network versions of the channeling […]

Next release coming August 18

We feel confident that we’ll have the next release ready on the weekend of August 18. What’ll be in it? the first coop-level ‘the breach’ will […]