Alpha 6 (November 2018) released!

So there’s some good news and some bad. The good news is that we deliver the November release on schedule. The bad is that we weren’t […]


So we have the first working version of a channeling spell, and it’s – surprise! – a lightning. The spell mechanics are that you form the […]


One year, two months and 28 days. That is how long it took us to take SpellShokked from the very first line of code we wrote […]

T-5! (days, that is)

Today, Steam has confirmed their OK with our June 15th launch date – yay! The last few days have seen a lot of behind-the-scenes work: GDPR […]

The Lock Is Locked

In other boring news, we now finally got our certificate for the SpellShokked! domain, making the browser warnings disappear, and the lock comes up. So why […]

All Trailers Done

Today we put the finishing touches on ‘Boring Beach’, the final trailer. All three launch trailers are now done. For the third trailer we got to […]


So we finally have a web page for SpellShokked. Well, it was about time. We sent the second build to Steam yesterday, so here’s to hoping […]