Channeled Missile

We continue to work on channeling. Although we haven’t yet completely worked out the mechanics yet, being able to control a magic missile is way cool. […]


So we have the first working version of a channeling spell, and it’s – surprise! – a lightning. The spell mechanics are that you form the […]


One year, two months and 28 days. That is how long it took us to take SpellShokked from the very first line of code we wrote […]

Listen to this!

Another great idea – and one that makes the game so much cooler: “Hey, why can’t I tell what’s happening during casting simply by listening?” <crickets> […]

T-5! (days, that is)

Today, Steam has confirmed their OK with our June 15th launch date – yay! The last few days have seen a lot of behind-the-scenes work: GDPR […]

Coming Soon!

So we just received word from Steam that SpellShokked has passed all reviews and has been pushed into the pipeline. The store page has just opened – and […]

We are live

Today we went live with the SpellShokked main site. It’s been a long road, but we have made it to the… starting line! We are happy […]

The Lock Is Locked

In other boring news, we now finally got our certificate for the SpellShokked! domain, making the browser warnings disappear, and the lock comes up. So why […]

All Trailers Done

Today we put the finishing touches on ‘Boring Beach’, the final trailer. All three launch trailers are now done. For the third trailer we got to […]