“So you have been assigned pest control”

Thus starts the audio for the new channeling tutorial level we are putting the finishing touches on. The audio is complete, as are the visuals. We […]

The Breach

While working on the channeled spells, we have also started work on two new levels. The first one, called ‘The Breach’ is – as we plan […]

The other shield

 In SpellShokked, you have a spell at your disposal that creates a small, round shield on your left hand that you can use to reflect spells […]

Channeled Missile

We continue to work on channeling. Although we haven’t yet completely worked out the mechanics yet, being able to control a magic missile is way cool. […]


So we have the first working version of a channeling spell, and it’s – surprise! – a lightning. The spell mechanics are that you form the […]


One year, two months and 28 days. That is how long it took us to take SpellShokked from the very first line of code we wrote […]

Listen to this!

Another great idea – and one that makes the game so much cooler: “Hey, why can’t I tell what’s happening during casting simply by listening?” <crickets> […]

T-5! (days, that is)

Today, Steam has confirmed their OK with our June 15th launch date – yay! The last few days have seen a lot of behind-the-scenes work: GDPR […]

Coming Soon!

So we just received word from Steam that SpellShokked has passed all reviews and has been pushed into the pipeline. The store page has just opened – and […]