Alpha 3 (August 2018) released!

The new release for SpellShokked is live on Steam – update now. The new release delivers tons of tweaks to the network versions of the channeling […]

Next release coming August 18

We feel confident that we’ll have the next release ready on the weekend of August 18. What’ll be in it? the first coop-level ‘the breach’ will […]

New Release coming

Our plan is to update SpellShokked on a monthly basis, and are now gearing up for the first update. Many of the new features are still […]

“So you have been assigned pest control”

Thus starts the audio for the new channeling tutorial level we are putting the finishing touches on. The audio is complete, as are the visuals. We […]

The Breach

While working on the channeled spells, we have also started work on two new levels. The first one, called ‘The Breach’ is – as we plan […]

The other shield

 In SpellShokked, you have a spell at your disposal that creates a small, round shield on your left hand that you can use to reflect spells […]

Channeled Missile

We continue to work on channeling. Although we haven’t yet completely worked out the mechanics yet, being able to control a magic missile is way cool. […]


So we have the first working version of a channeling spell, and it’s – surprise! – a lightning. The spell mechanics are that you form the […]


One year, two months and 28 days. That is how long it took us to take SpellShokked from the very first line of code we wrote […]